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  • AdventureQuest 3D
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  • AdventureQuest 3D
Description of AdventureQuest 3D (from google play)

This MMORPG is a little bit different... you were warned.

Become part of AdventureQuest 3D's growing online world! We're building new areas under your feet as you play it.

SORCERER GENERAL'S WARNING: This game is ONLY for fans of fantasy MMORPGs, swords & sorcery, open-world games, passionately involved game developers, and people who wandered here completely by mistake but downloaded and loved it anyway. May contain AE's unpredictable tongue-in-cheek humor, parody, puns, oddly-fused monsters (Werepyres?), and the game is so casually hard core that there is a 99% chance you will die before the game even starts. But hey, maybe you'll get lucky and DEATH (aka The Grim Reaper) will make you a deal you can't refuse. Only one way to find out.

• Finally, a game that's not going to dive into your wallet.
• Earn power and cool stuff through gameplay
• Optional cosmetics if you’d like to support us

• Weird in-game holidays
• Town changes to reflect seasons and boss monsters invade
• Small team = crazy devs with the power to spawn monsters

• We're literally building new stuff for you right now
• Join us for weekly-ish releases on Thursdays-ish

• Play your character from anywhere
• Yes, all devices log into the same world
• Yes, you can switch to your phone and take it to the potty and then go back to playing on your computer

• Our bad guys can beat up your other game's bad guys.
• As long as we're the ones writing the story. Which we are.
• Unless you want to jump in and help. Comment on our official posts.
• NecroKnights
• Vampires Lords
• Werewolf Gladiators
• Pirates, Ninjas, "The Braken"
• DEATH - Underworld Celebrity
• Frogzards
• Drickens - Half Dragon, half chicken
• Lots of Dragons
• OMG why do we love Dragons so much!

• See items on your character when you equip them!
• Equip for power or looks
• Our barbershop is the best
• Equip swords, scytheblades (scythe + sword = awesome), fidget spinners (why did you make us do this!?) wands, pew pew thingies, armors, matrixy looking long coats, gloves, boots, capes, helms, belts, hair, & accessories (skull hair clips are so hot right now) however you want.

We're always making new stuff.

• Collect classes like Necromancer, Paladin, DragonSlayer, Ninja, Rogue, Warrior, Mage
• Switch between them at any time!
• We are building a ton more :D

• AQ3D is a rare Mobile MMO that lets you look up at the sky!
• Jump on things. Which means...

You will regret that we let you jump in this game XD Some of our parkour maps are 100% evil. LAZORS!

• Transform into birds, dragons, and creatures that move at high speed
• Except the bush transformation... awkward.

• 20 player raids (like the Dragon's Lair)
• 5 player dungeons
• 2 player adventures... date night?
• Solo - just like when I went to dances in school
• Or just roam a world full of players looking for trouble

• Battle Monsters in Real-time Combat
• Summon & Teleport to your Friends
• Pets
• Crafting
• Tons of things to complain about!
• PvP
• Bad puns
• Cutscenes you won’t want to skip! (Probably)
• Check our website to see what we are developing next



FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AdventureQuest3D/
TWITTER: @ArtixKrieger or https://twitter.com/artixkrieger/
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/BattleOnGames

We are an active community of gamers. Spy on what Artix and the team are working on next for the game at www.AQ3D.com

Version history AdventureQuest 3D
New in AQ3D 1.31.0
AdventureQuest 3D is celebrating the spookiest month of the year with Doctor Trollenstein's Mad Science Lab, Zorbak's G....Rave'yard dance party, and the return of Haunted Mystcroft Mannor. Also in this release:

Friends list increased to 60
Ambient SoundFX volume slider
Seasonable items from Treasure Chest are now "shardable"
Monsters can now do area-wide screen shakes!
New 3D bits added for characters
Fixed some death-related bugs
Support for new Monster AI added! (Mwahahahahahaha... hah!)
New in AQ3D 1.30.1
AdventureQuest 3D is celebrating our haunted holiday of Mogloween! Return to the ghost, witch, and PumpkinLord filled town of Mystcroft. Get ready for next weeks expansion... Dr. Trollensteins Mad Science Lab! New in this update:
* New emotes! You can now sit & kneel
* Fixed the Max Class XP cap issue
* Fixed invisible text in device keyboard
* Fixed audio and movement machines to make next week's Mad Scientist boss fight more evil XD
New in AQ3D 1.29.1
AdventureQuest 3D Hot Fix! Next week we are boarding a pirate ship and heading to the ninja-infested Yokai Island. While you will have to worry about two new types of monsters, you will not need to worry about these bugs that we just fixed:
- Locked quests will no longer appear with the wrong requirements
- Weird hover effect on the item delete button has been neutralized
New in AQ3D 1.28.1
It's Friday the 13th weekend in AdventureQuest 3D! Head to Camp Gonnagetcha starting Friday for the Pirate vs Ninja war and our 1st ever horror survival map! This Hotfix fixes an issue where the war meter disappeared if you logged in and out of camp.
New in AQ3D 1.27.0
While the Korn battle concert continues to play in AdventureQuest 3D, we also added:
* Lava Parkour Map
* Search bar in your Inventory
* Search bar in your Bank
* Bank items now sortable with previews!
* Pets & Travel forms get their own inventory
* New emote: "NickleDumb"
* Framework for 3D audio added
* Improved monster's area of effect telegraphs
New in AQ3D 1.26.1
The Korn Battle Concert is happening in AdventureQuest 3D now! This hotfix adds a setting to control the cinematic volume in the event. See you in the monster filled mosh pit!
New in AQ3D 1.24.0
Prepare for AdventureQuest 3D's grand opening of the Battleon Area with our first musical guest! Here is what is new:
* Emotes will now work properly after you switch out of a travel form
* Friends list now sorted by Online / Offline
* We improved game performance... we think! 42% chance anyone will actually notice.
* You can now change the transparency of the chat window
* Lots of new live event stuff under the hood...
New in AQ3D 1.22.0
AdventureQuest 3D is pre-preparing for our BIGGEST in-game event yet. The Battleon Coliseum is coming soon with our first special musical guest. Meanwhile, UFO's have been spotted in game. Also...
* Toggle your helm in the customize screen
* Added MOTD (Message of the Day)
* You can now set your chat font size
* Fixed that weird box around item icons
* Fixed camera zoom reset on login
* We just upgraded the ENTIRE Game to a newer version of Unity! (Everything probably still works... O_O)
New in AQ3D 1.19.25
AdventureQuest 3D is getting better every week! Next week, get ready for the magical forest of Arcangrove. This week, early access for the new Moglomancer class started. Backers of the Moglin Kickstarter should automatically have the class in the class menu. It will be available for all players to earn after the early access period ends. Here is what else changed:
* Quest Tracker now properly points to the mobs after respawn.
* Abandon quest option now correctly when opened from the tracker.
New in AQ3D 1.19.24
Player vs Player (PvP) duel system finally arrives in AdventureQuest 3D. You can challenge other players by clicking on their player portrait any where, any place, any time.... (unless they turned off duels in the options menu.)
New in AQ3D 1.19.23
In this new AdventureQuest 3D update we overhauled the quest system! The main story, side quests, and adventures are now able to span the entire world. Also...
* New Starter Pack
* World Map! Ooooh, and it scrolls.
* New button to contact player support and provide details
* Added "loot tutorial"
* Did we mention the new and improved quest system?
New in AQ3D 1.19.22
Summer sale! It's back for a limited time. Get 50% more DragonCrystals when you buy specially marked packages. Also, the cat's out of the bag... you can finally earn cat pets. Just talk to Aria in the petshop. Also in this release:

* You can tap to deselect monsters
* Better Camera Panning
* Pressing random buttons no longer does horrific things to the game's tutorial O_O
New in AQ3D 1.19.21
The House of Oddities is now live in AdventureQuest 3D's new town. Check it out along with these improvements:
* We fixed the blue flame "files not loading" thing! Horrah!
* New Loot Tutorial
* Crafting Tutorial fix
* Right mouse button no longer loses target (PC only)
* Size & animation speed scaling now match
* Fixed movement/position desync issues
* 31.6% Betterer game!
New in AQ3D 1.19.20
The new city of Battleon has been released in AdventureQuest 3D! With this release we called in an exterminator to fix the following bugs:
* Banks items once again deletable
* Travel Crystal Shard no longer teleports in combat
* Tutorial no longer breaks when clicked on NPC names
* Added a glow to the pointer hand
* Game is 3.14159% better-er
New in AQ3D 1.19.18
Enter the NEW City of Battleon! This update adds a shard of the travel crystal to your inventory so you can teleport home (does not take up space) and...

* New SFX and hooks for even more SoundFX!
* Added NPC Gravity
* New tutorial thingies!
* Camera now pans smoother
* Portal Rune Activations for cutscenes
* LIght probe and culling distance fix
New in AQ3D 1.19.14
AdventureQuest 3D Hotfix! Today's stealth update fixes an issue players were reporting about "Things they clicked on did not look like they were doing the thing that they clicked on them to do.. but they really were... just didn't look like it (TM)."
New in AQ3D 1.19.11
AdventureQuest 3D is getting better every week! In this newest patch we snuck in a new feature for April 1st. Also, we fixed some of the issues you have been reporting including:
- Fixed an issue where NPC panels could sometimes break.
- Fixed an issue where maps could sometimes merge.
- Fixed a crash when transferring maps too quickly.
- The game will now properly display if you have no more ads to watch.
- Fixed an issue with dialogues sometimes not working.
New in AQ3D 1.19.10
- PvP Preview for Guardians.
- Bank vault increased by 20 and slots per vault increased by 10.
- Loot button now appears when standing near items on ground.
- Fixed chat not auto adjusting position properly.
- Watch ads to earn free DragonCrystals improved.
- "Contact Support" option added to main menu.
- Fixed the pesky stuck in combat bug which happens during live events.
- Your Quest interface is now 0.03% better! (Every step forward counts)
New in AQ3D 1.19.5
- Added option to watch ad to earn Dragon Crystals.
- Minor fixes and improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.19.2
- Fixed class ui not showing class token for Warrior, Mage and Rogue.
New in AQ3D 1.18.6
- Fixed character panel not updating effects properly.
- Fixed crash issue with cinematic loads.
- Updated waypoint system to better guide through quests.
- Added FPS and memory meter.
- Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.18.5
- Fixed daily treasure chest not auto opening in certain cases.
- Fixed fishing not working properly in lolosia.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.18.3
- Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.18.2
- Fixed minor bugs related to treasure chest UI.
New in AQ3D 1.18.1
- Fixed minor visual issues related to treasure chest interface.
- Fixed shop not showing equipped status of the item.
New in AQ3D 1.17.5
- Minor bug fixes.
New in AQ3D 1.17.4
- Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.
New in AQ3D 1.17.3
- Friends list limit increased to 40.
- Fixed pistol preview not working.
- Fixed pets not being destroyed properly.
- Fixed not seeing player players sitting.
- Other minor fixes and UI tweaks.
New in AQ3D 1.17.2
- Minor bug fixes.
New in AQ3D 1.17.0
- Added shader based on spell effects.
- Fixed and added bad name checks on random name generator.
- Fixed quest tracker not tracking mobs properly.
- Fixed issues related to interactive object system.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.16.1
- Fixed not being able to target certain mobs.
New in AQ3D 1.15.5
- Performance improvement related to water.
- Minor bug fixes.
New in AQ3D 1.15.3
General Bug Fixes
New in AQ3D 1.14.1
- Fixed player portrait not being enabled after fullscreen events.
- Fixed a crash issue on certain mob loads.
New in AQ3D 1.13.0
- Added advanced game settings and updated settings interface.
- Fixed music volume not working properly.
- Various minor fixes and improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.11.0
- Quest tracker updated to 3D version (more accurate and intuitive navigation).
- Character name and look randomization added to character creation.
- Fixed summon code not working.
- Various minor bug fixes.
New in AQ3D 1.10.1
- Added Travelform preview.
- Fixed an aggro issue causing mobs to get disabled.
- Fixed usable item equips not showing properly on action buttons.
- Fixed chat text box not being anchored properly when changing chat size.
- Various other stability and performance improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.9.8
Stability improvements to fix random crashes
New in AQ3D 1.9.2
- Fixed an issue with quest tracker.
New in AQ3D 1.8.9
- Fixed an issue with quest chain not working properly.
New in AQ3D 1.8.7
- Updated goto/summon flow to fix various issues.
- Goto and summon now transfers player next to the target player when applicable.
- Added emote menu.
- Nameplates and NPC talk bubble are now hidden when interface is turned off.
- Fixed an issue causing customization options to not save properly.
- Fixed character not rotating and floating nameplate issues in customization screen.
- Various other performance improvements and fixes.
New in AQ3D 1.8.5
- Fixed character customization options not working in character creation screen.
New in AQ3D 1.7.8
- Fixed issues causing combat lag.- Chat filter now filters messages properly.- Fixed issue with map not unlocking properly in travel menu.- Title selection menu now shows locked titles as well.
New in AQ3D 1.7.7
- Titles! Players may now choose to display a Title below their character's name. Choose the Title you wish to display by going in to the Settings menu. Titles can be unlocked in many different ways so keep your eyes peeled!- Both /whisper and /tell now work (or /w and /t respectively). You can now also whisper someone by clicking on their portrait frame and choosing the drop down option.- Chat Window now has a separate tab for Party Chat.- Various fixes and performance improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.7.6
- Fixed issue with settings window crashing on character screen.
New in AQ3D 1.7.5
- NEW player portrait selection!- General fixes and improvements
New in AQ3D 1.7.3
Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.7.2
- Tap NPCs to auto-run toward them- Bank slots increase to 30- General bug fixes and improvements
New in AQ3D 1.7.0
- Added guest account functionality.- Updated camera collision system and character physics.- Various minor improvements and fixes.
New in AQ3D 1.6.9
- Fixed an issue which could occasionally prevent the game from connecting to server.
New in AQ3D 1.6.8
- Fixed crash on facebook login.- Fixed the tooltip on long press.- Fixed private message.- Fixed random position desync issues with mobs when you first load the map.
New in AQ3D 1.6.6
- Fixed an issue with quests not getting cleared from tracker.- Updated Mob AI to use the ranged abilities properly.- Spell range fixed for mobs with AoE abilities.- Other minor fixes and improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.6.5
- Status effect icons now sorts properly.- Fixed an issue with quest turnin not working.- Removed agro threshold for loot qualification.- Fixed resources getting reset when switching maps.- Fixed NPC dialog icon.- Minor fixes and improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.6.4
Fixes and performance improvements
New in AQ3D 1.6.2
Added Action Button feedback on Auto Attack state, Spell Queue and hotkey press.Added spell queuing if spell is triggered close to cooldown completion.Status effect now shows effect count in bold text if stack has reached the maximum limit.Status effect displays slightly larger icon for player's effects and orders effects by caster.Various fixes related to combat and UI.
New in AQ3D 1.5.7
- Added notification in the quest list for quests ready to be turned in.- Fixes an issue that was causing framerate to drop on mobile.- Fixes an issue where mobile users could get PC interface.- Minor UI fixes.
New in AQ3D 1.5.6
- Improved interactive object system functionality.- Minor performance improvements and fixes.
New in AQ3D 1.5.5
- General Bug Fixes- Performance Improvements
New in AQ3D 1.5.4
- Fixed an issue where the game could be stuck on quest completion for Auto Turn In quests.- Resized virtual joystick region to improve control accuracy.- Minor stability improvements.
New in AQ3D 1.5.3
-New character customization options.-Improved NPC interaction, Cinematic and Quest flow.-Minor UI updates.-New environmental damage in all Ashfall areas.-Skill forwarding now uses the same line of sight rules as auto-target.-Leaving a party will now put you back into the default chat channel.-Loot bag despawn timer increased from 30s to 45s.-Fixed an issue where the game could break if you crashed or disconnected during a cutscene or dialogue.
New in AQ3D 1.5.2
- Fixed issues where players could fall through the floor in maps.- Fixed an issue where maps could be merged.- Fixed an issue where a player could spawn in the wrong spot when entering a map.- Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck in combat.- Fixed an issue with loot bags not spawning properly.
New in AQ3D 1.5.0
- New Sound Engine: Added new sound FX and music to the game!- Added a "Lock Camera Zoom" option in the Settings.- Combat improvements to synchronize Health Bars with animations.- All quests will now show you what map you need to travel to for the current step.
New in AQ3D 1.4.9
- Fixed a login issue which triggered facebook login automatically upon invalid game login.
New in AQ3D 1.4.7
New stats system for players and items.New, improved XP curve and XP rewards from quests and monsters.UI improvements to the character info panel and other menus.Ability to pinch to zoom in or out!Many bug fixes, including fixes for dungeons.
New in AQ3D 1.4.5
- New and Improved asset loading process which fixes most of the character and mob loading issues.- Added item category filter in inventory.- Various interface updates.- Fixed issue where the sound would stop working after game cache was cleared.
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